Features to Look for in an All-in-one Printer

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An all-in-one printer is an important device for both home and office computer room. Understanding the features, you should look for when buying one is important. That is because you can purchase one that is suited to your needs. Most printer features accomplish a lot of functions, while others make the individual function like faxing quite productive. The following are some of the important features to look for.

Print Speed

It is a good idea to get a portable printer with a minimum print speed of 20 black and white pages per minute and 10 color pages per minute. As you know, waiting for a document to print is quite frustrating and can reduce your productivity.

Printer Quality

document printerYou should note that print quality is measured in dots per inch. For black and white printers, you should get a resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch. The recommended ones should have 24000 x 1200 to produce high-quality print productions. On the other hand, the color print quality of 1200 x 1200 should be considered as the minimum. However, a resolution of 4800 x 2400 produces top-quality color printouts.

Duty Cycle

You have to think of the maximum number of pages that can be printed each month. For instance, printers used in the office setting ought to have a high duty cycle of the 20,000-page range. For home users, the 5,000-page range is sufficient.

Laser Vs. Inkjet

Ideally, a laser printer produces higher-quality images as compared to the inkjet printer. Also, laser printers operate efficiently as compared to inkjet in terms of cost per page. You should note that laser toner cartridges are quite expensive as compared to the inkjet cartridges, but they last longer. Usually, the laser printers print faster as compared to the inkjet printers once they are operational.

Ink Replacement costs

printing machineYou need to consider the cost of ink replacement when purchasing an all-in-one printer. It is a good idea to compare the yield that is expected from the toner or ink cartridge. When you divide the cost of the cartridge by expected yield, the cost-per-page can be calculated. You should not forget to take into account the cost of color cartridges.

OCR Scanner Software

Usually, all-in-one printers come with software package that offers drivers for different devices in the multi-function printer. Also, it comes with the interface software that makes it easier for users to operate the different device functions.

The Best 3D printers under $ 500

3D printing technology
3D printers are essential in our day to day activities. That is due to the fantastic quality to produce a three-dimension object. The 3D printers use a computer program to build such objects. The printing of the image is done through printing a layer after a layer until the final object is achieved. Over recent years, many 3D printers have been introduced to the market at a cost-effective price. You can get the best and affordable 3D printer by the Penandplastic’s list of $500 3D printers

It is challenging to know which the best 3D printer is if you do not understand some of the things to consider when choosing a 3D printer. In this article, we are going to discuss the Best 3D printers under $ 500. The article will help you to choose the best 3d printer that has quality features, and the budget is below $500. Some of the best 3D printers under $500 include:

Creality Ender 3 Pro

The Creality ender 3pro is a great 3d printer with amazing features. The printer is among the top-rated printer under $500. The price for this printer is $339 in various online shops such as amazon. The printer produces an object with enhanced readability. The Creality ender printer has excellent stability with a magnetic surface that allows print removal. Also, the printer has a good power rating that makes it more useful at home and for commercial purposes.


  • Simple to use
  • Variety of aftermarket upgrades
  • Rigidly constructed
  • Bigger body volume


  • Requires assembling before use.
  • Poor quality control
  • Poor customer support

Monoprice MP Maker Pro

The Monoprice MP Maker Pro is another popular 3D printer with amazing features. The printer has a big surface area and also well known to contain stunning specifications. This printer has a price of $400 in various stores such as Walmart and Amazon. The printer has modern features such digital touchscreen. Also, the printer can sense the shape of the object and thus making the printing more accessible.


  • Huge size
  • Has a touchscreen interface
  • Magnetic bed
  • has a very flexible material
  • Contains automatic calibrations


  • Requires an ample space
  • Suitable for a small community
  • Limited print speed.

Anycubic Photon

The Anycubic Photon is a particular type of 3 d printer that operates uniquely. Unlike other printers, the Anycubic Photon falls under the digital light projection. That means the printer uses a light that is projected through an LCD to harden the light-sensitive resin. This type of printer is best for high detailed objects.


  • High details printer for the best quality
  • Very simple to use
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Does not necessarily require a computer to operate
  • Has a good customer support


  • Produces toxic fumes
  • Precautions when handling
  • High front cost for resin
  • Requires complex post-processing

Some of the other 3D printers with amazing printing features include the Flashforge finder. The above mentioned 3D printers have good printing speed, enhanced XYZ accuracy, and improved layer height resolution. Therefore by choosing any of those 3D printers, you will be able to select the best 3 d printer for your day to day activities.

Top-Rated Drones Under $100

a drone

Online storefronts are swamped with drones of various sizes, shapes, and prices. Most people get overwhelmed by the numerous choices available when looking for cheap drones. Our selection of drones will help you make the right choice when buying one. Furthermore, this guide will help you understand the different specifications that you need to keep in mind when looking for a cheap drone. As you plan to buy a new drone, you can get an insight by reading a review of the 10 Best Drones Under $100: Budget Options for Beginners.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Cheap Drone Under $100

Outlined below are important aspects that you need to take into consideration when looking for a drone for you enjoyment or taking pictures:

Outdoor vs. Indoor Drones

an outdoor drone

All drones can be flown indoors, but some people are interested in open space and altitude when flying while others are after devices that can zip from one room to the next one in acrobatic fashion. If you want a device that can fly indoors, then you should ensure that it has prop protectors and lightweight to avoid damaging your goods. Drones for outdoor use should be stable in windy conditions.

Camera’s Quality

Not all drones come with built-in, high-resolution cameras. Some of them are strictly meant for flight, but others allow the flyer to attach GoPro’s cameras. Cheap drones under $1000 can shoot videos up to 720p, making them an excellent option for aspiring aerial photographers.

Flight Time

Fitting a large battery in a small drone is one of the toughest challenges facing drone manufactures. While some expensive devices have a flight time of up to thirty minutes, the cheap ones have a short flight time ranging between 5-15 minutes. Ideally, you should look for a drone that can sustain your desired flight time.

Let’s have a look at the top-notch drones under $100.

DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone

drone's cameraThe Tello Quadcopter drone is one of the entry-level machines that are easy to handle. It is fun and seldomly crashes. Both children and adults can use this drone to play with. It has a flight range of 300ft and speed of 17mph. This device is lightweight; 3 oz. This drone is designed with an efficient dual antenna transmission that aids in image stabilization as well as improving its flight maneuvering capabilities. Its camera can shot videos up to 720p.


  • It is compatible with VR headset, making it ideal for first-person viewing
  • It has a long flight time of up to 13 minutes.
  • Its camera is equipped with 5mp stills and 720p.

UDI u818A Discovery

The UDI u818A Disco is an easy-to-use drone. It is compact and lightweight-weighing less than a pound. In fact, it can comfortably fit in one’s hand. Again, one can easily fly it indoors without damaging furniture. It has quick recharge capabilities and life-long rechargeable batteries that give the flyer a flight time of nine minutes. Moreover, it comes with high resolution, 720p camera,


  • It is designed with a return-home feature
  • It is equipped with an incredible 720p camera
  • It has a bundled battery charger that gives it a long flight time

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Programming

It is better to carry out programming on a desktop rather than a laptop because it needs intense processing. You can easily customize the desktop to suit your requirements. Moreover, it has a powerful cooling system to avoid hangs. Nowadays, a lot of people are using the laptop for programming because of other features offered by a laptop such as portability. These are tips to help you choose the right laptop for programming.


programming laptopThis is the first thing you ought to consider when purchasing a laptop. Most laptops get stuck because of a lack of memory space. For instance, you need 8GB for programming. If you are using a 4GB laptop, then you are likely to face a lot of challenges. If money is not an issue, you should go for a 16GB laptop. It can be frustrating to work on a laptop that is slow because of memory management.


Other than the RAM, the processor can mean the difference when it comes to programming. It is a good idea to buy MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM. However, if you do not have money for that, you should look for other brands with premium specifications. Ensure the laptop you purchase has the latest Intel processor. For instance, you can go for i7 generation processor. The least you should go for is i3 latest generation processor.


Even with a high RAM and quality processor, you can struggle to code with your laptop because of storage type and space. For instance, if you have low space, your performance is bound to suffer. If you have a normal HDD, it may not be best for programming. You should consider getting an SSD because it offers faster performance. Also, you can purchase an external SSD.

Graphics Card

As you know, the user interface is critical in programming. For example, if you are a game developer or Android developer, you need to have a quality graphics card. Without it, your machine will slow down and hand. For routine programming, you need an integrated graphics card of high-quality. For UI or game developers, they can get external graphics cards of at least 4GB. It is advisable to have a dedicated graphics card for streaming videos.

Battery Life

Although a programmer is expected to have his or her laptop wired at all times, there are reasons for considering its battery life. Remember that you are buying a programming laptop because of the flexibility it offers when working.

Various Benefits of Cloud Computing

cloud computing network

It is now past two decades since the start of cloud computing. Despite the data pointing to cost-benefits, competitive advantages, and business efficiencies, a large portion of the business community is yet to use it. It is estimated that only 60% of businesses are using cloud computing.

According to Dell, companies that invest in cloud, big data, and security enjoy over 54% faster revenue growth as compared to their competitors. The data shows that most tech-savvy businesses and industry leaders recognize the benefits of cloud computing. These are some of its advantages.

Cost Savings

If you are not sure about the cost that comes with cloud computing, you are not alone. About 30% of organizations are concerned about the cost of implementing a cloud-based server. It is important that you consider ROI rather than the initial price. Once on cloud, access to the company’s data will save time and money in the project startups.


Most organizations have security issues as far as adopting cloud-computing solution is concerned. In any case, when programs, files, and other data are not kept securely onsite, how can you tell whether you are protected or not? Although businesses do not openly consider the possibility of their data being stolen internally, there are reports of data being stolen by employees. Thus, it is a good idea to keep sensitive data offsite.


Your business ought to focus on its responsibilities. If your current IT solutions force you to pay attention to the data storage and computer issues, then you are not going to concentrate enough on reaching your goals and satisfying customers. When you rely on an outside organization to take care of IT hosting and infrastructure, you will have adequate time to devote to your business. That is because the cloud provides a lot of flexibility as compared to hosting on the local servers. Also, if you need additional bandwidth, a cloud server can meet the demand instantly.


You should note that cloud computing allows for mobile access to corporate data through smartphones and other devices. At the moment, it is estimated that over 2.5 billion smartphones are used across the world. Employees with busy schedules or those who live away from the office can use this feature to update their colleagues and clients. The good thing about cloud computing is that it allows for convenient access to information by the staff who like traveling and remote workers.