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Introducing Watson.

A breakthrough in XRF technology for metal
alloy identification priced at only $9,999.

No, that’s not a typo.

Accurate. Affordable. Portable.
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Watson XRF Redefines the Industry Standard

For over 20 years, XRF has been the industry standard for alloy identification. Whether you’re identifying high-value scrap metals, or preventing costly mistakes with machined or manufactured parts, it’s efficient and convenient. Now, Tribogenics is redefining the industry standard with Watson XRF, allowing your business to affordably start or expand metal alloy identification in the shop or in the field.

For Machinists and Fabricators

In your business, mistakes can cost a fortune.  Watson makes sure you’re using the right alloy and provides you with an affordable solution for ensuring the parts you deliver are to specifications.

For Scrap Metal Recyclers

If you can measure it, you can buy it. Watson quickly identifies a broad range of valuable metal alloys wherever you are.  A fully integrated price guide keeps you current on the latest  market pricing.

Watson at a Glance


User replaceable kapton shield protects internal components.


Front facing camera with live view helps you zero in on your target, storing a clear visual record of every analysis.


Watson’s internal automatic calibration eliminates the need to carry around bulky metal calibration discs that are easy to lose and expensive to replace.


Integrated 24V Lithium Ion battery pack provides you with the power you need throughout the day.


Designed and built in the USA. Supported directly from our home office in Los Angeles.


Beautiful display is visible in any environment. It’s the highest quality screen on the market.


Handheld ergonomic design makes Watson comfortable for all day use.

Watson isn’t just more affordable.
It’s smarter.

Watson XRF employs our patented X-Change™ technology, making XRF affordable for the first time in the industry. At only $9,999, you can buy two Watsons for the price of just one of our competitors. That means more XRF users at work, for a quicker ROI and faster throughput.

Born Smart &
Ready to Connect

Watson takes advantage of the latest in smartphone design and software. An intuitive interface means that it’s easy for anyone to use without any special training. Watson is Wi-Fi enabled for automatic software updates. It comes with integrated market pricing, keeping you current on all local alloy market prices, which helps you identify new business opportunities.

Tribogenics X-Change™ Technology

More Advanced. More Robust.

We’re revolutionizing the XRF industry with our patented X-Change cartridge system. It makes fragile, expensive glass X-ray tubes obsolete. Instead, Watson uses robust, exchangeable cartridges that are as easy to change as the ink in an inkjet printer. No technical training is necessary. That makes field swapping simple, which takes only a few minutes wherever you are.

The result: the most technologically advanced and most affordable XRF system in the marketplace. 

Affordable. Portable. Easy to Use. It’s not unbelievable. It’s Watson.

It’s time to put XRF to work for you.
Reserve your Watson today.

Dale Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Fox is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tribogenics and serves on its Board of Directors. At Tribogenics, Dale leads an experienced global leadership team that is focused on bringing to market breakthrough X-ray technology that will reshape the $20 billion global X-ray industry.

Dale is a seasoned start-up entrepreneur and inventor with 20+ year track record of converting technology innovation into sustainable revenue growth across multiple businesses. He has grown technology companies in the USA and overseas, launching more than two dozen successful products in both software and hardware arenas. He’s has built world-class executive and advisory teams, and raised numerous rounds of funding to drive profitability and exceed investor goals.

In 2015, Dale will spearhead the launch of Tribogenics’ first commercial products – the Watson™ family of handheld XRF analyzers. Initially, it will provide nondestructive elemental analysis of all metal alloys for positive material identification (PMI), scrap metal, recycling, and manufacturing, achieving this at one tenth of the cost of conventional technologies.

When he’s not growing organizations, Dale is helping to develop and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. He currently mentors young entrepreneurs at a handful of promising early-stage companies.

Carlos Camara

PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Carlos Camara is Chief Scientist at Tribogenics. He reports to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dale Fox and serves on the Board of Directors. Carlos is a physicist and co-inventor of the company’s innovative X-ray technology. At Tribogenics, he leads a diverse team of scientists and engineers to explore and evolve the company’s disruptive technology for application areas that include positive materials identification, manufacturing, recycling, mining, medical, oil, and gas.

Previously, he served as Scientist and Post Doctorate Scholar at UCLA. It was here that his work studying energy focusing phenomena and triboluminescence spawned the discovery of a new X-ray source.

Carlos’ scientific mind, passion, and commitment to inventing and evolving technology that has a positive impact on society are a driving force on the Tribogenics management team and in the lab. Camara received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Mark Valentine

Chief Operating Officer & SVP of Sales

Mark Valentine is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Senior Vice President of Sales at Tribogenics where he oversees day-to-day operations. He leads the company’s sales strategy, managing its growing global sales teams, distribution, and manufacturers’ representatives around the world.

Before joining Tribogenics, he served as President and COO of a leading medical manufacturing organization. There, he transformed that company into a world-class provider of digital X-ray imaging hardware and software products. He managed rapid growth to more than a hundred employees in multiple offices around the globe and implemented successful sales and distribution agreements with leading organizations. This included a pivotal OEM agreement with GE Medical,and an agreement to supply the United States Military with portable imaging equipment. He also opened up China and India, exporting large quantities of imaging systems to both markets.

From the R&D lab to volume production environments, Valentine is a seasoned executive with 25 years of success in delivering products to market on time. He is an innovative manager, team builder, and entrepreneur who takes immense pride in building effective global sales and customer support operations that drives top line growth.

Scott Nolan

Non-Executive Director

A principal at Founders Fund, Scott has broad experience in engineering, science and management. He helped develop the propulsion systems and elements of the Dragon spacecraft at Space X, and worked with private equity clients at Bain & Company. Scott graduated with honors from Cornell University, receiving both a BS in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in less than 4 years.

Thomas W. Turney

Non-Executive Director

Thomas currently serves as Managing Principal of NewCap Partners, a private investment banking firm focusing on the corporate finance needs of middle-market companies. Mr. Turney received his BA in Economics from UCLA and holds an MA in Economics and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Claude D. Benchimol, PhD

Non-Executive Director

Claude is the Founder of Damol Innovation LLC, a consulting practice focused on technology-based innovation in healthcare (medical devices, pharma & biotech, healthcare IT). He has a 35 year success history of building, leading and inspiring vibrant global organizations, responsible for the introduction of medical imaging systems like CT Scanners within GE Healthcare and DNA sequencers within Life Technologies. He is also a member of the French Academy of Technology.

Stewart Chalmers

Head of Marketing

Stewart Chalmers is Head of Marketing at Tribogenics. He reports to Mark Valentine, COO. Chalmers is responsible for global marketing strategy. He leads the company’s commercialization effort where he is responsible for positioning Tribogenics and its new Watson™ handheld XRF products. He is a key contributor to growing the sales, marketing, and customer service operations to support growth of the company’s breakthrough new X-ray technology.

Chalmers brings to Tribogenics a deep track record of developing successful global marketing campaigns, building sales and marketing organizations that drive revenue growth. He brings a strong understanding of positioning for media, investor, and strategic communications. And for 18 years, he has designed 23 successful product launches and go-to-market plans that have helped spark growth for a number of start-ups, emerging, and Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout his career, he has worked for, represented and grown a broad range of B2B technology companies in Silicon Valley and overseas, including, semiconductors, energy, banking and payments, medical, and industrial sectors. A native of Scotland, he holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in International Business from San Jose State University, San Jose, California.

Andy Kotowski

SVP Engineering

Andreas “Andy” Kotowksi is senior Vice President of Engineering at Tribogenics. He reports to CEO Dale Fox. Andy spearheads the Tribogenics engineering teams and is a key contributor on the Watson™ development team.

Previously, Andy was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Rapiscan, a leading supplier of X-ray systems in the USA and overseas. There, he led a global technology and product development team of more than 200 engineers, responsible for a $25 million budget and six major product lines globally.

Andy has a wealth of leadership and management experience, which includes technology development, engineering, product management and regulatory compliance. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

Craig Glynn

Director of Finance

30 years experience
Public and private companies. A financial expert with 30 years experience managing the financial aspects of dynamic organizations, Craig has a track record of success with both start-ups and established businesses. He has held numerous CFO positions and consultant roles with companies in a variety of fields including technology, e-commerce, online media and advertising, and manufacturing and distribution.

Robert Berman


Robert is an expert in intellectual property and the architect of the licensing business for Acacia. During his tenure, Acacia entered into over 500 license agreements and increased its market cap from $20 million to over $400 million.

Robert Mosey

Quality Manager

Tom Schurman

VP of Software Engineering

Michael Chabinyc


Michael is a Professor of Materials Science at University of California Santa Barbara. His research focuses on printed electronics and polymer films. He received his PhD in chemistry from Stanford University.

Peter Diamandis


An international leader in the commercial space arena, Dr. Diamandis is Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation and co-founder & Chairman of Singularity University. Dr. Diamandis received degrees from MIT in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering and holds an MD from Harvard Medical School.

Warren Grundfest


Warren is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Surgery at UCLA. He also serves as a Senior Technology Advisor to TATRC (Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the Army) and regularly consults for the NIH and FDA Office of Device Evaluation.

Doug Green


Daniel Kraft


Daniel holds numerous professional and advisory positions including Physician/Scientist at Stanford Medical School, Chair of the Medicine Track at Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity University, Chair of the FutureMed program at NASA/Ames, TED Fellow, Flight Surgeon with the California Air National Guard and a NASA Astronaut Finalist.

Seth Putterman


Seth is a Professor of Physics at UCLA and led the effort that resulted in the discovery of X-ray emission from triboelectrification. He received a BS from Caltech and a PhD from the Rockefeller University.

Steve Hansen

Vice President of Source Engineering

Steve Hansen is Vice President of Source Engineering at Tribogenics. He reports to Dale Fox, CEO. Steve leads a dedicated team of engineers responsible for developing the company’s X-ray source technology, one of the key enabling technologies behind the new handheld Watson™ XRF platform.

Before joining Tribogenics, Steve served as COO and VP of Engineering for Oraya Therapeutics – a Silicon Valley based start-up that manufactures low energy stereotactic radiation therapy systems for age related macular degeneration. Steve was instrumental in growing and managing the company from incubation through to commercialization in 2013. This included raising $76 million in funding. In addition to Oraya, he has helped grow a number of fledgling technology start-ups, including Xoft, X-Illumina, and Midwest Research Microscopy. Along the way, he spent ten years at GE Electric Medical Systems where he served in a broad range of engineering, research, and operations management roles committed to delivering leading edge X-ray products to market.

Steve’s track record in developing start-ups from concept to commercialization is an enormous benefit to Tribogenics as it expands the reach of its breakthrough X-ray technology. He holds a number of U.S. patents and holds a Masters of Science-Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

William King, PhD


William is a Bliss Prof. Mech. Science & Engineering, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana. PhD, Mech. E, Stanford. Harvard Business School.

Whitney Henne


Leo Plaza