Thursday, April 17th, 2014

At Tribogenics, we’re developing small powerful X-ray sources based on a breakthrough new metal-polymer technology. This discovery emerged from a DARPA-funded initiative and is being developed at our lab in Southern California in conjunction with our commercial partners.
Our metal-polymer technology powers these small powerful X-ray sources. Our sources are scalable and can be designed as single point emitters or clustered into flat panel arrays of individually addressable X-ray pixels. And by eliminating the need for high voltage and fragile glass tubes, our solutions are safe to use in any environment.
Our X-ray sources enable smaller, more affordable tools such as the upcoming Pocket XRF™ for recycling and precious metal identification. Our X-Change™ architecture allows X-ray sources to be hot-swapped in the field, maximizing uptime and enabling multi-target material analysis.
Our solutions extend to medical care as well. We’re developing products that will provide much-needed diagnostics to people across the globe. Beginning with our MODIS™ line of lightweight field X-ray systems, we will enable a new generation of exciting solutions for the world of medicine.