Various Benefits of Cloud Computing

cloud computing network

It is now past two decades since the start of cloud computing. Despite the data pointing to cost-benefits, competitive advantages, and business efficiencies, a large portion of the business community is yet to use it. It is estimated that only 60% of businesses are using cloud computing.

According to Dell, companies that invest in cloud, big data, and security enjoy over 54% faster revenue growth as compared to their competitors. The data shows that most tech-savvy businesses and industry leaders recognize the benefits of cloud computing. These are some of its advantages.

Cost Savings

If you are not sure about the cost that comes with cloud computing, you are not alone. About 30% of organizations are concerned about the cost of implementing a cloud-based server. It is important that you consider ROI rather than the initial price. Once on cloud, access to the company’s data will save time and money in the project startups.


Most organizations have security issues as far as adopting cloud-computing solution is concerned. In any case, when programs, files, and other data are not kept securely onsite, how can you tell whether you are protected or not? Although businesses do not openly consider the possibility of their data being stolen internally, there are reports of data being stolen by employees. Thus, it is a good idea to keep sensitive data offsite.


Your business ought to focus on its responsibilities. If your current IT solutions force you to pay attention to the data storage and computer issues, then you are not going to concentrate enough on reaching your goals and satisfying customers. When you rely on an outside organization to take care of IT hosting and infrastructure, you will have adequate time to devote to your business. That is because the cloud provides a lot of flexibility as compared to hosting on the local servers. Also, if you need additional bandwidth, a cloud server can meet the demand instantly.


You should note that cloud computing allows for mobile access to corporate data through smartphones and other devices. At the moment, it is estimated that over 2.5 billion smartphones are used across the world. Employees with busy schedules or those who live away from the office can use this feature to update their colleagues and clients. The good thing about cloud computing is that it allows for convenient access to information by the staff who like traveling and remote workers.