How to Choose the Best Laptop for Programming

It is better to carry out programming on a desktop rather than a laptop because it needs intense processing. You can easily customize the desktop to suit your requirements. Moreover, it has a powerful cooling system to avoid hangs. Nowadays, a lot of people are using the laptop for programming because of other features offered by a laptop such as portability. These are tips to help you choose the right laptop for programming.


programming laptopThis is the first thing you ought to consider when purchasing a laptop. Most laptops get stuck because of a lack of memory space. For instance, you need 8GB for programming. If you are using a 4GB laptop, then you are likely to face a lot of challenges. If money is not an issue, you should go for a 16GB laptop. It can be frustrating to work on a laptop that is slow because of memory management.


Other than the RAM, the processor can mean the difference when it comes to programming. It is a good idea to buy MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM. However, if you do not have money for that, you should look for other brands with premium specifications. Ensure the laptop you purchase has the latest Intel processor. For instance, you can go for i7 generation processor. The least you should go for is i3 latest generation processor.


Even with a high RAM and quality processor, you can struggle to code with your laptop because of storage type and space. For instance, if you have low space, your performance is bound to suffer. If you have a normal HDD, it may not be best for programming. You should consider getting an SSD because it offers faster performance. Also, you can purchase an external SSD.

Graphics Card

As you know, the user interface is critical in programming. For example, if you are a game developer or Android developer, you need to have a quality graphics card. Without it, your machine will slow down and hand. For routine programming, you need an integrated graphics card of high-quality. For UI or game developers, they can get external graphics cards of at least 4GB. It is advisable to have a dedicated graphics card for streaming videos.

Battery Life

Although a programmer is expected to have his or her laptop wired at all times, there are reasons for considering its battery life. Remember that you are buying a programming laptop because of the flexibility it offers when working.