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Watson M2 and Cartridge Fulfillment

We are pleased to now be accepting orders for the new and improved Watson M2. Orders for shipments in the US will begin October 27, 2017 and international orders will be sent January 2018.

**Ordering a refill? Please read these instructions first.**

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Cartridge Refill Instructions

Replacing your existing M2 cartridge? Just place your order and mail your M2 cartridge to:

Attn: Ted Steele, Customer Service
5440 McConnell Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Send a tracking number for the cartridge return and a hold for $500 may be applied until the cartridge is received.

Watson M2 — $1,000 discount for ordering by Oct. 27, 2017 $15,999.00 $14,999.00
M2 Cartridge (New Unit) $2,499.00
M2 X-Change Cartridge (refill) $1,999.00
AC Adapter w/ Extension Cord $49.95
Replacement Kapton Windows (5 Pack) $25.00

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