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X-Ray History

Since their discovery in 1895, nearly all of the world’s X-rays have been made the same way: by connecting a high-voltage transformer to a vacuum tube.

Vacuum tubes are fragile and complicated, while high-voltage transformers are dangerous, inefficient and bulky. This way of producing X-rays worked for 120 years, but so did rotary telephones.

The X-ray industry is long overdue for a revolution.

Today - Tribocharging in Action

Tribogenics has worked tirelessly to apply this discovery  to a host of innovative new X-ray solutions for the industrial and security markets.

Technological advances are generally able to make products better or smaller or more cost-effective. Ours does all three by eliminating the bulky, power-wasting, costly components that are currently used in lumbering, older X-ray sources.

The result is a new X-ray technology that’s mobile, affordable, and safe for use in any environment.



Great gains in X-ray technology have been made in the last 120 years, all using Victorian science. But that era is ending. Powered by our discovery, the advances of the next 120 years or even 120 months will open up unforeseeable capabilities and power new applications across the entire $20 billion X-ray ecosystem.

Like the transistor or microchip, our sources will continue to diminish in size and multiply in power. In the future, we will power revolutionary new handheld systems with millimeter-sized X-ray sources. Integrated multi-energy sources will provide better resolution for radiography and spectroscopy solutions. And individually addressable arrays of multiple X-ray sources will enable a new era in CT imaging.

In short, the only credible prediction for this technology is that it will exceed everything we know today about the X-ray industry.

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