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Introducing Watson.

A breakthrough in XRF technology for metal alloy identification.

Accurate. Affordable. Portable.
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Watson XRF Redefines the Industry Standard

For over 20 years, XRF has been the industry standard for alloy identification. Whether you’re identifying high-value scrap metals, or preventing costly mistakes with machined or manufactured parts, it’s efficient and convenient. Now, Tribogenics is redefining the industry standard with Watson XRF, allowing your business to affordably start or expand metal alloy identification in the shop or in the field.

For Machinists and Fabricators

In your business, mistakes can cost a fortune. Watson makes sure you’re using the right alloy and provides you with an affordable solution for ensuring the parts you deliver are to specifications.

For Scrap Metal Recyclers

If you can measure it, you can buy it. Watson quickly identifies a broad range of valuable metal alloys wherever you are. A fully integrated price guide keeps you current on the latest market pricing.

Watson at a Glance


Quick change X-Ray source cartridge.


Front facing camera with live view helps you zero in on your target, storing a clear visual record of every analysis.


Watson’s internal automatic calibration eliminates the need to carry around bulky metal calibration discs that are easy to lose and expensive to replace.


Integrated 24V Lithium Ion battery pack provides you with the power you need throughout the day.


Designed and built in the USA. Supported directly from our home office in Los Angeles.


Beautiful display is visible in any environment. It’s the highest quality screen on the market.


Handheld ergonomic design makes Watson comfortable for all day use.

Tribogenics Exchange Technology

More Advanced. More Robust.

We’re revolutionizing the XRF industry with our patented Exchange cartridge system. It makes fragile, expensive glass X-ray tubes obsolete. Instead, Watson uses robust, exchangeable cartridges that are as easy to change as the ink in an inkjet printer. No technical training is necessary. That makes field swapping simple, which takes only a few minutes wherever you are.

The result: the most technologically advanced and most affordable XRF system in the marketplace.

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